All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.
I’ma live up innit. 

I’ma live up innit. 

Anonymous asked: talk more scifi at me.

I got 99 troubles but a Tribble ain’t one. Hit me. 

Picard, Data, and Worf - A British Tar

subtleelectricfire-deactivated2 asked: deserted island. you get one book. one album. one beverage. one toiletry. one condiment. go.

  1. Book: The biggest book of poetry I could find that included both e.e. cummings and Philip Larkin’s entire works.
  2. Album: Doc & Dawg 
  3. Beverage: Sweet Tea
  4. Toiletry: Isopropyl alcohol
  5. Condiment: El Yucateco green habanero sauce

thewamiv asked: If you could move to your dream location where would that be, and how soon do you think you can get there?

New York or LA. But only if my people are there. I don’t care for where I am right now. Not very soon. 

kellyegan asked: Do you have a favorite Holiday tradition? Or ritual?

Post-Thanksgiving coma. 

Anonymous asked: Last meal


-hoodwink asked: favorite instrument? (To play or to hear)

To play: mandolin

To hear: cello

I’m not going to be buying anyone the most cliche shotgun on earth. 

I’m not going to be buying anyone the most cliche shotgun on earth. 

Look at this weirdo. 

Look at this weirdo. 

Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

—Muleskinner Blues



“Muleskinner Blues”
Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys
Live at Bean Blossom, 1972 

Good morning, Captain.
Good morning, Shine.

For those of you that don’t know, “shine” is a racist slur against blacks.  I sang this song for years, not knowing the word he was using, or its context (white privilege much).  Originally written by a black Mississippi blues man named Tom Dickson, Bill Monroe had the lyrics rewritten to remove the word for his recorded version of this song, “The New Muleskinner Blues”.  It should be noted, however, that Monroe always sang the lyrics in their original form.

Just goes to show that fighting racism and reappropriation in a music form, however beloved, rooted in the Southern landscape is a constant endeavor.    

The more you know, tumblr.

item #305,182: things I didn’t know.

and some say tumblr is not educational…


Paul F. Tompkins and Aziz Ansari Play Drinking Games

Why does every word Paul F. Tompkins presents remind Aziz Ansari of “African-Americans?” 

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Jay Reatard - “See/Saw”

Jay Reatard - “I’m Watching You” (Live in Brooklyn)

Neutral Milk Hotel

—I Love How You Love Me (Phil Spector)


Neutral Milk Hotel — I Love How You Love Me
originally by The Paris Sisters