All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

I finally beat Contra: Hard Corps.

The final boss is an enormous mutant hybrid alien/worm/human that vomits maggots while hurtling through the air on a nuclear rocket, which is amazing. This game is almost unplayable for most people due to the difficulty level. It’s at least on par withmaybe harder, than Sub Terrania. The first time I tried to beat Contra: Hard Corps I was 13, but I eventually threw it against the wall out of frustration. I did use the game genie in order to start the game with 5 extra lives but I still consider this a legit win on account of this being one of the hardest goddamn games ever made for the Genesis. Next up is Chakan the Forever Man. 

  1. loganantill said: I could never beat games on Genesis/SNES when I was a kid. Impossible hard. I smashed Mortal Kombat II with a hammer. And fuck Mario World. Impossible. Still makes me anxious thinking about it.
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