All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

I got a Sega Dreamcast for $5 today.

I went into a thrift store I had never been to today to look for old Sega shit and saw the Dreamcast as soon as I walked in. I asked the only guy working there how much he wanted for it and he responded in Spanish too fast for my “utilitarian-survivalist-Espanol” to understand. So I said, “uhhhh…quiero sega. uhhhh…cinco dolares?” He kind of laughed at my attempt at speaking in his language and probably agreed to the price out of pity. Then we butt fucked each other until we bled.

  1. fatbottompurls said: Did you get the house?!
  2. mostlywaffles said: whoa twist ending.
  3. the-stig said: Awesome. I’ve still got mine; it’s the only console I own. I love it, and you will too!
  4. chillerfont said: I challenge you to a Chu Chu Rocket battle.
  5. koolikeplastiic said: does it work though? hahaha
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