All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

Would you eat the contents of a cyst from a homeless man’s back for $10,000?

Like, not a small one either. At least 3-5 ounces of puss, dead skin, and blood. Can’t be mixed with any other food or drink. $10,000 tax free. Cash.

  1. sopicanteitsenfuego said: Couldn’t do it. I’m way too squeamish.
  2. humanpig said: nope. make it 10 mil and i’m in
  3. junkandjules said: Sadly, probably yes
  4. nilpholan said: Yes
  5. ibowtonoman said: if the person is mexican and its spicy then maybe
  6. hennnypotter said: how big is this cyst? anything smaller than a grape and the answer is yes.
  7. amorphousblob said: Nope nope nope
  8. helenabonhamkeller said: if it were in a crepe
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