All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

I’m packing everything I own so I can move into my new house.

Here is what I own:

  • 5 giant boxes of Sega stuff. 4 Genesis, 32x, 2 Sega CDs, 2 Master Systems, JVC X’Eye, Pico, Saturn, Dreamcast, dozens of controllers, and approx. 300 games.
  • Some clothes, mostly patagonia stuff with a trout on it, plaid, and carhartt
  • A chair that belonged to my dead grandmother
  • 2 TVs
  • Some empty DVD boxes (no clue where the DVDs are)
  • Pill bottles
  • Art shit
  • A safe full of pot paraphernalia
  • 5 guitars, a mandolin, 14 penny whistles, a bodhran, a ukulele, 4 SM-57s, and 2 ribbon microphones
  • Books
  • Panties that belonged to that one girl…they do not fit me
  • 1 whoopee cushion from William Augustus McCloud IV
  • A bunch of hair pins?
  • A desk full of bullshit
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