All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

I’ve decided to do something really dumb.

I’m going to make an honest attempt at quitting smoking. I know. It’s gonna be fucky. I’m talking about tobacco by the way. I’m not a goddamn square. 

  1. krispayne said: Hey me too. Crazy
  2. chaimy said: Good luck.
  3. tank-commander said: then you will die less
  4. henryandpeople said: A good round of hypnotherapy sessions worked like a charm for me and I smoked for almost 17 years.
  5. joaniepepperoni said: you can do it!
  6. marylemcke said: You go, gurlfran.
  7. prettynitsrik said: how often do you smoke now?
  8. themattsmith said: chantix, dude. fight drugs with drugs.
  9. hennnypotter said: quit the tabacco!!
  10. fatbottompurls said: Good luck.
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