All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

This guy was came to my office today and he sucked at words.

At first I thought it was a speech impediment, but as he spoke more it became apparent that he just had no idea that he was pronouncing almost every word he said wrong. He’s old money so I suspect it’s because no one ever told him he sounded like a mush mouthed fool. He sounded like a southern Dr. Steve Brule. 

  • artrubute - attribute 
  • pratform - platform
  • oppose - suppose 
  • rideofray - right of way

"You ain’t oppose to do it like that, the pratform goes next to the rideofray, and you gotta artrubute it here."

  1. perzadook said: Maybe he had a stroke?
  2. fatbottompurls said: Oh dear lord.
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