All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

people I am automatically suspicious of

  • skinny people (suspicion lifted depending upon reaction to fart/dick jokes)
  • Koreans (I’m on to you motherfuckers)
  • New Zealanders (Sheep fucking swindlers and rapists, all of them)
  • Anyone that doesn’t hate sea parks (enjoy being splashed by chlorinated whale prison piss-water you fuck)
  • Republicans that aren’t embarrassed about being Republicans.
  • Anyone over the age of 55 below Kentucky. Literally the most awful people you can imagine (but they’re polite about it)
  • Stoners. Yes, I’ve heard of NORML. Yes, it should be legal. Yes, you should stop dressing like Lil Wayne and talking like a mush mouthed caricature of a pot head from a late 90s teen movie. It’s just pot, move the fuck on. 
  • Teenagers. Maybe this is just a generational thing, but anyone born after ‘94 or so makes me want to do heroin (you all should have been aborted) 
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