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South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

this is not

an onion article.

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    jesus christ
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    uh oh SoDak, not cool.
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    i say its good, it’s like self defense, but defense of a life. think about it, thats a life right there! its taking away...
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    Wait, what? South Dakota is doing WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! LOL. Where do all these random things about SoDak come from and land...
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    I cannot even imagine what people are thinking when they try pass state laws that go against federal laws. even when...
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    Wow, the site that this article is from sounds so UNBIASED and NOT ANTI-REPUBLICAN. NOT. Let me know when you find out...
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    this world needs help
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    Just insane. Also completely nonsensical. I hope this just gets thrown out. If not, the general public really is far...
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    gop O.ut pro-life? hello? seems pretty self explanatory to me. im damn sure this will NEVER pass.
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    And this wouldn’t apply to abortion providers? Are there people in South Dakota running around terrorizing fetuses on...
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    Because that’s not hypocritical at alllllll. Some people, I swear…
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    making the murder of a sentient human being outside of the womb legal in order to allegedly protect a blob of cells...
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    I have read nothing about this bill that suggests it makes it legal to kill people that give people abortions. What I’ve...
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    Murdering someone over so-called murder? You go and do that. I’ll be over here brushing up my student visa application.
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    I thought we were supposed to be MOVING FORWARD and not going backwards? So this means any doctor that will give a woman...
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    this has to be a joke. can people really be that dumb?
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    The end is nigh. Brb, moving to South Dakota to be a medical bodyguard. Actually, how funny would that be? A pregnant...
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    why is the GOP still legal lol
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    trite-musings-of-a-debonair-kunt:smidgets:bringtheruckuss: uhhhhh excuse me what is this
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    Can we kill the officials that execute the doctors? Surely there’s no difference.
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    Can we kill people who sell kitchen utensils? Cos some guy got stabbed the other day…
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    Humanity: I’m losing hope in it.
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    What in the world..