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does anyone have any experience with finding a roommate outside of your group of friends?

I don’t really need a roommate, but if I had one I would have a ton of cash after my rent was paid and I could maybe get a new car and drive it to see some people I actually give a god damn about. None of my friends have a job anywhere near me or they’re drug addicts that won’t pay rent so I’m going to look elsewhere other than my circle of acquaintances  Is there a roommate finding service that can use to make sure whoever I consider isn’t a right wing fuck nut or murderer? 

  1. ambiguouscasey said: Good luck, that is hard shit.
  2. tank-commander said: Craigslist? Be sure to specify that you are a rapist.
  3. kelleeeee said: List your place on Airbnb - people make a lot of money!
  4. prettynitsrik said: roommates suck because you cant walk around the house naked
  5. humanpig said: ive done it through craigslist before, its hit or miss. Just make sure you guys hang out once and make sure they’re cool.
  6. pearlsbeforeswine said: i have used craiglist a few times. I haven’t had a bad roommate. Just use good judgement.
  7. andpan said: I was really lucky and I realize I’m not the rule you should go off of, but I met my roommates from craigslist and they’re the some of the coolest fuckin’ people I ever met. Technically I’m the roommate they found though. Do interviews!
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