All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

how to live

  • If it can be fixed with money then it’s not that big of a deal. Money comes and goes, usually goes. Don’t sweat it. 
  • Take care of yourself but don’t obsess over it. You’re going to die no matter what so enjoy your shit. 
  • Listen to good music whatever that is to you. 
  • Smoke some herb every now and then. 
  • Try DMT or mushrooms. Not doing it at least once in your life is equivalent to never having sex. 
  • Learn how to eat pussy/suck cock exceptionally well. That shit could save your marriage one day. 
  • Don’t shit on yourself. 
  • Give your money to a homeless person/beggar if you can. So what if they spend it on drugs, have you ever been dope sick? It’s no fucking joke. 
  • Whittle. 
  • Learn how to drive a stick. At some point in your life you will be majorly inconvenienced by not knowing how. 
  • If someone accuses you of being gay just go with it and let them make a fool out of themselves and look like a giant homophobe. 
  • Go to movies alone. 
  • Drink. 
  • Get plenty of fiber. 
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