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how to be kawaii

  1. Pretend to be a Brats Doll pretending to be a 4 year old Japanese girl.
  2. Never show any genuine emotion. Instead, show a series of rehearsed poses where you pretend to be a kitten playing with a marshmallow.
  3. Touch your face all the time. 
  4. Make your mouth as tiny as possible.
  5. ADHD.
  6. Let tiny middle aged fat men take pictures up your skirt.
  7. Smell like a wet candy necklace. 
  8. Listen to J-Pop. (Contrary to what I assumed, the word “J-Pop” is not racist.)
  9. Hang out with fat disgusting nerds that are in love with you but only fuck their dads. 
  10. I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure you have to do MDMA. 
  1. palindromepanda said: weird. i kept saying “so kawaii” to kalah today.
  2. melissamayhem said: so, uh….kawaii, huh? i went to japan once.
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