All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

thought process during a drug binge

  • look at all this shit
  • i’m gonna do all this shit
  • this shit feels good
  • if that amount felt good then more will feel better
  • more
  • more
  • more
  • my sides kind of hurt but i still feel pretty good
  • i don’t have as much shit left 
  • more
  • more
  • i still feel good but i feel like something might be wrong
  • i should take some of this other shit to counteract this shit
  • i took a lot of this shit so i should do just as much of this other shit to even myself out
  • vomit
  • ifeelfineifeelreallygoodi’mgonnastartgoingtothegymagainlife’sgoingtogetalotbetteri’mfeelinggreat
  • vomit
  • heart beats weird for 20 seconds and you think you might be having a heart attack
  • pass out for 11 hours
  • wake up freezing but covered in sweat, do the remaining shit so you can function
  • call that guy that knows where his grandmother keeps her shit she doesn’t take
  • repeat for the rest of your life
  • should have had a V8
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