All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

Just because something doesn’t praise or positively portray whatever your current favorite flavor of identity is doesn’t equate to persecution.

People that need to hop down off that cross and chill the fuck out.

  • Men’s rights advocates that think every sitcom ever made is some sort of “feminazi propaganda.” (but really men’s rights advocates in general)
  • Christians that think there is an all out assault on their religion and claim to be some persecuted minority.  
  • Feminists that think everything from the way you cut your sandwiches to your favorite brand of ball point pen is a beacon of misogyny. Sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich, dude. 
  • Obese people that think airlines are just being cunts by making them buy two tickets because they take up an entire row of seats. “I can be 100lbs over weight AND healthy!” No the fuck you can’t. 
  • The “rape is never funny” tribe.
  • Anyone that reads this list and somehow manages to be offended. 
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