All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.


  • I’ve been in 2 operas. (But I auditioned for at least a dozen.)
  • I had a full scholarship for classical guitar. (lol abandoned dreamz)
  • I wear my weight well. 
  • Every girl I’ve ever dated was light years out of my league. 
  • My Sega Genesis collection is worth more than your car. 
  • I was in Gulfport, MS during Katrina and came within inches of being hit by a tree falling into the bathroom I was in. After I realized I wasn’t dead I yelled to my friends, “Come check out this log I just dropped!”
  • I’m really good at making food that makes you high. 
  • I taught my niece how to say dookie. 
  1. tank-commander said: you greatly underestimate yourself
  2. fatbottompurls said: I really wish you lived closer to me.
  3. -hoodwink said: I want to kiss you on your beard
  4. kaitmpayne said: *slow clap*
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