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learn your arbitrary political gun terminology

  • Assault Weapon - Generally refers to “scary looking” semi-automatic rifles with a banana clip. Fun fact! It’s stupidly easy to make these full auto though so the distinction only lasts as long as you don’t google how to make the switch. It won’t be legal but I’d reckon if you needed to do it you don’t care. Or you could get a bump stock which makes it essentially fully automatic and is totally legal. 
  • Assault Rifle - These are the big dicks. Fully automatic and heavily regulated. Tommy guns, M-16s, and AK-47s etc. You can’t legally have one without a class 2 license and as long as your record is clean getting one isn’t that hard. 
  1. dusty-designs said: Technically, a Tommy gun is a sub machine gun. It is called a Thompson sub machine gun and fires a .45 caliber bullet. Same as the 1911 handgun.
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