All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

There’s a couple at my dad’s church that are getting divorced because the husband found out his wife had sex with her ex-boyfriend before they were married.

He found out during a “Christian newlyweds class” and blew up in front of everyone. From what I’m told, she mentioned it in passing when talking about past relationships and her husband stood up and said, “I didn’t know I married a whore.” and walked out in huff. He then went and sat in the hall to pout. The guy leading the class came out to talk to him to calm him down and the husband said to him, “How can I stayed married to her when she’s had another man inside her? She cheated on me by not telling me.” Eventually he came back into the class and while they were all discussing it (yes, the entire class decided it was a good idea for every one to ask questions and put in their two cents) he said, “…I’m not going to stay with someone that’s slept with everyone she’s ever met. We’ve only had sex 5 times, it’s not fair.” (They’ve been married for 12 years.) Oh, did I mention this guy wrote a book about how to maintain a healthy relationship? Because he did. 

Low self-esteem + sexual ignorance + christianity = this guy

edit* just to be clear, she had sex with her ex-boyfriend before her and her husband ever even met. 

  1. wanttogetupgoahead said: If they’ve been married 12 years I’m assuming he’s at least 30….good luck finding a virgin in his age bracket….sometimes natural selection is too selective.
  2. fatbottompurls said: Wooooow. Well, maybe he’s doing her a favor by leaving.
  3. mygripmyfocus said: 5 times in 12 years!? Holy shit.
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