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I miss the ritual of renting movies. Netflix/Hulu/whatever are great and I use them everyday but since we’ve gone mostly digital and made the closest thing to a video store into a vending machine we’ve lost an amazing nugget of culture. Try to remember the smell and how it was always mall-hot (cold but also uncomfrotably warm somehow) and just swim in your stupid memories for a little while. 

  • going to the video store and browsing just for the sake of browsing
  • making fun of the off-brand knock off movies that studios made in anticipation of big blockbusters
  • pretending to not care about the Disney Vault
  • walking past the porn section 25 time
  • spending 45 minutes going through the middle of the store (aka the non-new-release section) to find old movies
  • the ease with which you could discover an obscure film you hadn’t heard of by noticing some box art that looks weird 
  • walking past the giant wall that was covered in 100 copies of the hot new release like Speed or Independence Day and noticing every one of them was gone
  • rewinding or not rewinding 
  • going to the video store being the first half of a date
  • looking at the prepackaged cotton candy and wondering who the hell buys it
  • noticing the bizarrely large number of videos starring Tim Allen 
  • renting a video game that there was no way you could ever buy
  • taking the movie back on time
  • getting letters/calls requesting your severely overdue movie
  • having to find a new video store because if you go back to the old one you’ll have to pay them $15
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  2. tank-commander said: i live beside the best video store ever. it’s still like this to some extent.
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    And now I know every word to Bugsy Malone
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    this was the weekly routine in my house when we were kids we rarely rented the new release movies (who wants to pay that...
  5. phenthouse said: Returning the movies via outdoor dropbox portal to the inside.
  6. fatbottompurls said: Every Friday when my dad picked us up, we’d go to Blockbuster or Wegmans (they had a movie section oddly) and it was the best. The beginning of our weekend with my dad. It’s one of my best memories.
  7. themattsmith said: - searching through the box of rolled up posters for shitty movies, trying to find that one gem that people missed
  8. wanttogetupgoahead said: The whole ‘browsing’ and picking up a movie based on box art also applies to how I miss record stores.