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Alan Watts - A Conversation with Myself

btr’s tips for developing black & white film

label your bottles in order of use, you goddamn asshole. 

  1. Pre-soak. (soak for a minute or two. maybe use this time to find some horrible music to listen to on your iPod.) 1 to 5 minutes depending on film.
  2. Developer (make sure you know how to dilute this. i do 1 to 8/9 for most B&W film. while you shake your film can every 10 seconds you can practice saying “would you like fries with that?”) 7-12 min.
  3. Stop Bath (you can use an actual chemical stop but you’re a broke piece of shit art major so just use water again here. rinse at least twice.) 
  4. Fixer (make your dilution 1 to 4. cut yourself while agitating your film canister every 10 seconds for 5-10 minutes.)
  5. Wash (you can open up your canister at this point and check out your shitty photos. your dumbass might be surprised that they have a slight purple tint but that’s totally normal. if they’re too purple then fix them a little more. if your awful photos look passable then you’re ready to wash. fill the canister halfway with water and shake it up. empty and refill every minute or so for ten minutes, you fat cunt.)
  6. Wetting Agent (pour out your water and replace it with this shit and let it sit for 30 seconds. don’t rinse.)
  7. Dry (take your awful goddamn film off the spool being careful not to touch it too much. hang it up in a dry, dust free area for 6 hours or so.)
  8. Burn (throw your film in a fire and kill yourself.)

Story from North America by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore

art is for sale, y’all. 100% of the proceeds go to charity. you get to display art from an internet person in your home and help some poor people at the same time. what is this charity you ask? it’s Frank Water by way of teamteamrickshawrun. the portrait of hunter S. Thompson is $85 and that badass bitch bear that’s peacefully grazing in an orange psychedelic meadow is only $45. or you can have them both for $100. support some poverty stricken thirsty folks and buy some art. if you’re interested email me at (both paintings come framed)

i want these two paintings off of my wall so i’ll be more motivated to replace them with something new. "dreaming bear" (that’s the one with the bear) is $120 paypal, $115 check, or $100 cash in a birthday card. the “hunter s. thompson portrait” (that’s the one doesn’t have a bear in it) is $100 paypal, $90 check, or $85 cash in a graduation card. if you think these prices are too high then make me a fucking offer. i’ll consider trades. email me at