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netflix is about to have a fuckload of good ass Disney shit.

 Netflix will be bringing you exclusively, starting in 2016, theatrically released movies from The Walt Disney Company and its renowned studios, including Disney, Pixar and Marvel.  In the meantime, we’ll have an amazing selection of Disney movies including Disney classics, catalog movies, and popular non-theatrical movies for the whole family featuring beloved characters like Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, to name a few. 

My thoughts on Disney buying Lucas Films and making Star Wars 7

4 billion dollars is a steal when you consider George Lucas will no longer be able to shit on Star Wars (and Indiana Jones.) He’s being kept on as a “consultant” but if they’re smart they’ll only do the exact opposite of everything he says. There’s almost nothing the movie can do that will be worse than the prequels. I don’t know why I really care though, it’s not like it’s Star Trek. Star Wars is just a run of the mill, good vs. evil, coming of age story with a touch of incest.