All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

Near Future Predictions #1

  • China will leave the US in it’s dust in scientific research (2013) and will overtake the US as the world’s largest economic power. (2015/6)
  • Climate change will be more apparent than ever but will still be met with religiously fueled ignorance. 
  • Powerful lasers will be a common war weapon. 
  • Riots due to record food shortages in Africa and the Middle East. 
  • 3D printing will start to gain traction and lead to the next great piracy threat to copyright holders. In the immediate future the cost will be too high for most people but in the coming years it will be available to consumers at lower prices, eventually becoming a common household device. 
  • The TSA will begin to expand to near Orwellian levels. 
  • Solar flares will fuck with our shit. 
  • Massive west coast earthquake. 
  • The internet will outpace television and begin to replace it entirely. 
  • Evidence of life will be discovered on Mars. 
  • LHC will reach maximum power. Scientifically illiterate public will be duped into believing this will lead to the creation of black holes or strangelets even though they won’t know what either of those things really are. 
  • Affordable personalized DNA sequencing. Cost will be equivalent to that of a routine check-up. As it gains in popularity there will be a religious push against it. 
  • Multiple Terabyte SD cards. 
  • The economic crisis will not improve. 
  • Tigers will become extinct (for a while.)
  • Queen Elizabeth II will die as the longest reigning monarch in history.
  • Gay marriage will be legalized in the US and Europe. 
  • The war on drugs will be dramatically changed. Some drugs, most likely beginning with Marijuana, will become totally legal at the federal level. 
  • Battery technology will be improved. Starting with phones of course, full charge in less that 10 minutes that last a week. Cars will be next. 
  • The Woolly Mammoth will return. 
  • Many inhabited islands will be abandoned due to rising sea levels. 
  • Voyager I will reach interstellar space. 

Most points on this list will occur in the next 1-5 years. Some will take 10-20 years.