All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

How to NRA


You guys! Shh!

If nobody makes any political statements about gun control those kids will come back to life. It must be true since everyone is saying it. And I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t telling people not to throw political stones at gun rights activism just a thinly veiled political statement in and of itself?” No, dummy. Refraining from talking about the societal and political causes of a tragedy like this is exactly like clapping to bring Tinkerbell back to life. You all must have slept through that section of Social Studies class. 

Too soon to make a list list

  • Reform our wild west gun laws, obviously. I love guns, each one is a piece of art, but not everyone should be allowed to legally obtain one. There’s obviously nothing to stop criminals from getting a gun if they want one but the people that are carrying out these mass shootings are not Bloods and Crips. They’re educated, usually white, minimal to no police record, and bat shit insane. These people buy legally and the argument that strict gun laws won’t matter for instances like school shootings falls flat on it’s ass here. It’s an illogical and pathetic argument. 
  • Stop treating fear like a commodity to increase ratings. It turns armed dumbasses into scared armed dumbasses, which ain’t good. There’s entire networks that survive because they’ve found a way to keep their customers scared. Fox is obviously the worst but msnbc and cnn are not without blame. 
  • Stop ignoring the mentally ill so they don’t just stew in their insanity and end up murdering a dozen people…and certainly don’t sell them a gun. This is a whole can of worms for the conservative set because “freedom” and “liberty” or something. 
  • Change our entire goddamn culture. We sell war to 4 year olds and nobody bats an eye anymore. Go to Walmart right now and you’ll find war toys aplenty, everything from toy 1911s to ARs to tanks to nukes. I know this point sounds ridiculous because it’s so ingrained in modern culture that boy toys=combat paraphernalia, but selling this stuff to kids is hard-wiring the normalization of violence into young minds as soon as their mentally capable.  

I don’t think people on the news have any clue how much ammo you can go through in a day at the range.

Buying 1000+ rounds is not that big of a deal. 1000 rounds is basically 2 trips to the range. 500 rounds each visit is common and 1000 in one day is not as common but still happens frequently. If I’m not broke I can go through 2000 in a day. Anyway, the jizz of what I’m trying to say is the amount of ammo that someone is able to buy is irrelevant. It’s the person buying that ammo that should be scrutinized, not the amount in question. And god forbid you have a class 2/3 licence (full-auto licences are a bitch to get) and want to go to the range. You’d go through 6000 rounds in an hour. None of this matters to me anymore though, I’m into throwing stars and surgical lasers now. 

Dear fellow gun enthusiasts,

Your reaction to the murder of Trayvon Martin is absolutely disgusting. It’s not the duty or responsibility of a person legally carrying a firearm to be any kind of community protector, in fact the exact opposite is true. Anyone that has a CCW is morally obligated to avoid conflict, even if that means you end up looking like a coward. Your choice to exercise your right to carry a firearm means that you will indeed have to tuck your tail between your legs and back the fuck down because when you decide to fight back, someone could die. You don’t get to puff up your chest and act the part of of a tough guy. You gave that up the second you strapped a gun to your hip.

You don’t get to follow “suspicious” people around, because if they confront you, you could kill them. You don’t get to break up fights, because if someone takes a swing at you, you could kill them. You don’t get to do lots of things anymore, because if someone uses violence against you, you could kill them. Trying to argue that you’re no more likely to use deadly force than an unarmed person is an absolutely ridiculous argument that no one but you would believe. Carrying a firearm means you are obligated to be a coward, even if you are legally protected by a claim of self-defense. If you put yourself in a situation where it’s obvious you may be confronted in any kind of violent way and you kill someone even in self defense, you are to blame. Maybe not always legally, but you know it’s the truth.

Right now you sound exactly how the anti-gun people want you to, like a bunch of apologist, racist, trigger happy, wannabe vigilantes that refuse see the dark side of carrying a firearm. You’re hiding behind excuses, ignoring the obvious, and clinging to the notion that we have to protect every CCW holder for fear of losing our own rights as gun owners. Grow up. This is a clear case of a paranoid vigilante with racist tendencies that had convinced himself that he was doing something good, taking his delusions too far and ended up murdering a kid. Stop making excuses.