All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.

things that guy you hate says

  • Most guys that wear fedoras are losers. Not me though, my fedora is authentic.
  • I got a laser pointer!
  • I’m a libertarian.
  • Have you heard of It’s really funny. I have a beard so I get it.
  • I’m re-reading Atlas Shrugged.
  • That’s a trilby, not a fedora!
  • Men get raped too so stop acting like a victim.
  • This is my man cave. (lives alone)
  • Bazinga!
  • 9/11 was an inside job. I have proof.
  • I’m a political science major.
  • Women in this country should stop their bitching, they have it great compared to women in the middle east.
  • Homeless people should just get a job and stop being lazy.
  • I’m not racist. Not all black people are niggers. There’s white niggers too! See? Not racist.

Asian people are not liberal, you know, by nature. They’re usually more industrious and hard-working.

—Bill O’Reilly

less than 10 minutes ago

Him: I just can’t believe we elected that Muslim AGAIN!

Me: He’s not a Muslim.

Him: Just because he said he ain’t don’t mean he isn’t. 

Me: There’s no such thing as a “secret Muslim.” Besides, I don’t think Muslim is the word you wanted to use anyway, was it?

Him: He’s a Muslim, I don’t care what you say.

Me: I think the word you really want to use is nigger and Muslim is just what you call him to seem less racist. 

Him: Oh, come on. I ain’t a racist. 

Me: …

Him: But he’s a nigger, too. 

Me: …there it is. 

Islam Is a Religion, and Therefore Protected by the Constitution - Plaintiffs in a Tennessee lawsuit want to deny local Muslims the right to build a mosque. Why? They claim it's not a legitimate faith and shouldn't be allowed First Amendment rights.

It’s unclear whether a procedural victory for opponents of a controversial Islamic center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, will delay or permanently enjoin completion of a mosque, under construction since last September. Equally unclear, without detailed knowledge of the facts, are the merits of Chancellor Robert Corlew’s ruling that the planning commission had not provided proper public notice of the construction before granting a permit. But if this ruling is not a victory for bigotry (Corlew explicitly acknowledged the Islamic congregation’s rights under the First Amendment and a federal statute), it is a victory for the bigots who opposed the mosque out of antipathy toward Islam and the idiotic claim that it is not a religion.

Mosque opponents effectively “put Islam on trial,” KATV reports. At 2010 hearings, “a string of witnesses questioned whether Islam is a legitimate religion and promoted a theory that American Muslims want to replace the Constitution with extremist Islamic law and the mosque was a part of that plot.”

These are not arguments; they’re fantasies, and we have heard them all before, often from the same people who would conform constitutional rights (notably rights for gay people and women) to their understanding of biblical law. Still, the ignorance and un-self-conscious hypocrisy that underlies rants about Shariah law are breathtaking.

Here’s how Joe Brandon*, the plaintiff’s attorney in the Tennessee case, explains opposition to the mosque: “This Shariah-compliant facility must show they are a religious organization, which we vehemently dispute. They are a political organization with Shariah-compliant rules and regulations. Shariah and the U.S. Constitution cannot coexist.”


I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say ‘now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.’

—Rick Santorum On President Obama’s pro-choice stance

makes you wonder what the other
interviews said that made them choose
this one. 

makes you wonder what the other

interviews said that made them choose

this one. 

rap songs that do not currently exist

  • let me see yo panty line
  • pick my booger
  • frilly sock G
  • dolla store cashier anthem
  • make it deaf clap
  • rolla skate drive by
  • sniff my butt
  • i suck at dominoes
  • where my baby powder?
  • do da doo doo
  • maya angelou bounce
  • red lobster wedding
  • henn-dog picnic
  • coco butter titties
  • lemme sniff some socks
  • 5 year old in’a baby carriage 

bonus: the dozens